All projects require a pre-structured planning. Planning allows each member of the project to understand they responsibilities, the characteristics of the activities assigned to them and to know and understand their role in the project of which they are part. In the same way, planning allows to organize the information in a clear and concise way, easies the conduction of the teams and problem-solving processes. Toolcase’s complete project management module allows you to plan each of the phases and activities of a project; It also allows to prepare several plans for the same project, so different scenarios can be contemplated.

    Now, why prepare a plan if it is not going to be fulfilled? Toolcase offers the solution to meet schedules. Through time registration, project managers will be able to know what are they resources spending their time on and their efficiency in the activities. This information allows them to know the team strengths and weaknesses and reduce uncertainty to make appropriate decisions.


    It is well known that every project, regardless of its characteristics, faces risks that may negatively affect its execution. Its good management depends on how prepared the response team is and the quality of their communication. The Toolcase Tickets module allows clear and traceable communication between members, suppliers, customers and stakeholders. Likewise, the risk module allows standardizing the management that should be given to each setback, so that the response teams always have access to the previously developed action plan.

    The versatility of Toolcase makes it a fundamental ally for any type of organization. Its development based on PMI standards allows to organize and optimize the processes of any type of project. Our packages have been carefully structured so that Toolcase is tailored to fulfill the needs of your company.