Workforce represents an important role in the costs of construction projects. The management of resources in these types of projects is often complicated, as there is no strict control over working hours and the effectiveness of the workforce. Poor follow-up and lack of risk standardization also have a negative impact on delivery times, which represents an increase in costs and losses for stakeholders.

    The easy to use tool interface allows it to be manipulated easily by people with little experience with computers. Due to its responsive and cloud-based design, users can login from any device with internet access, which facilitates its implementation in this type of projects.

    The time registration module allows reliable, real-time management of the times worked by the resources. This gives fundamental information to maintain an optimum and constant rhythm of work during the project. Likewise, the risk management and planning modules contribute to the standardization of risks. This allows you to define, before starting, the risks that could harm the project, mitigation strategies and probability of materialization, so the best strategies will be maintained despite a change of personnel. This allows for better planning and estimation of times and costs, which will reduce the uncertainty for the stakeholders and increase their level of confidence.