Environmental projects depend heavily on weather conditions. Although there are techniques to reduce uncertainty, these risks are generally unpredictable. However, it does not mean that action plans cannot be executed if they materialize.

    The change of personnel in a company, departure to vacations, medical incapacities and other factors of absence of the workforce, tends to impact strongly and negatively to the company’s projects. This is due to the fact that a great part of important information stays in the memory of those who lead them, reason why their absence has drastic consequences to the development of the projects. Likewise, the lack of planning of unfavorable scenarios provokes improvisation when unforeseen risks materialize or when the action plan has not been poorly developed.

    Toolcase offers an easy and orderly solution to these serious problems. The project and risk modules allow management of high impact information, which, since to the tool is cloud based, will be available at all times to the stakeholders, even if the project leader is missing. Likewise, Toolcase encourages order in planning, so all resources understand the activities under their responsibility, the amount of time to be invested into each phase and the action plans that must be followed in the event of the materialization of a risk.

    This reduces the uncertainty of the stakeholders and allows to estimate, more precisely, the time and resources that must be invested for the project in any scenario.