Telecommunications and public services companies have constant contact with their customers. The characteristic of their market forces them to maintain an open channel of communication with their consumers and, in many occasions, to send teams to work on the field. In many cases, teams sent to field work are not very effective with the use of their time; Their organization and communication is informal and does not present a clear traceability.

    This represents a significant loss for the company since the crews are not visiting all the customers they could visit in a single day, so they must spend more hours or resources to serve a smaller number of clients.

    Toolcase’s time registration module allows you to monitor the management that each resource is giving to its working hours. The responsive interface of the tool will allow the resource to access from any device with access to the internet, so the person in charge of the area can know, in real time, the activities in which each employee invests his time. This allows monitoring the productivity of each resource and taking actions based on reliable and updated information.


    The ticket module facilitates, standardizes and speeds up communication between resources. Its great versatility makes possible to implement it in any type of company and to standardize communication processes. That is why it is possible to manage and properly solve customer requirements.

    This will have a great impact into the relationship of the company with its customers, its image before the general public and increase its sales.